Saturday, May 30, 2009

first hike in arraska.

Yesterday I took full advantage of my second day off.
Day off one I spent showering, doing laundry, hanging out with Jared in the ticket booth, and going on a little adventure to Anchorage with Ryan. It was a pretty good day, but I barely spent any of it outside (though it was pretty rainy the whole day).

So when I woke up yesterday morning and saw the sun shining I knew I had to get out and do something. I gathered my gear, which took me a while, since I couldn't decide if I wanted to use my pack or my messenger bag...I decided on pack and I'm very happy with that decision and the pack in general. I stopped by work for a minute saying hi to everyone and then was on my way down the highway.

I decided to head down to Moose Flats, since Ryan had taken me there the day before to show me it, and I noticed there was a trail that started there. Moose Flats was only like a mile away from the top of my road so it was a really easy walk to do. I got there and headed down the trail.
I was a little disappointed, since I realized it was basically just a gravel bike path, so when it crossed the highway I jumped off and headed back down the road.

I stopped for lunch where the trail would have ended if I had stayed on, which was a beautiful little lake. After I continued down the road, stopping off whenever I would see a little path or road to head down. I eventually came across a sign that warned of Avalanches...well I saw other people in the area so I figured it was alright to head down and check it out. I'm so glad that I did, this was one of the most beautiful places ever.

I arrived at the bottom of the mountain, which had this giant glacier coming down, so I hiked across the snow to this huge rock at the bottom and laid on top of it for an hour or so, reading Bukowski and listening to the water fall. It was a pretty awesome thing for sure. I explored the area a bit, and decided it was time to head back to the cabins. I gathered my stuff and was on my way.

I decided to take all of the Blue Ice trail back, just to see if there was anything interesting on it, since I had given up on it so quickly last time around. I found this path leading off of it, that takes you around the lake, and up the mountain into the trees, so I'm super stoked about that. I think Jared and I are doing a hike today so we will most likely head up that, and maybe camp out for the night.

After I got back from the hike, I stopped back at the AWCC and went to visit with the two baby moose we just got in the other day. Sooooooo cute! ahhh! I can't wait to get in their pen and hug them. Jack (who is about a year old) is cute, but these babies are soo much cuter (sorry jack)

Tomorrow Jared and I are heading to Anchorage with our awesome boss Eve to do some shopping, so that should be a really fun day too.
Man I love Alaska so much right now.

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t_BENDER said...

lovin' the adventure...good to see all is well in AK!